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Chris Retro · April 21, 2016 · Audio, People, Podcasts · 0 comments

UrbanAwesome is a series of street photography and urban podcasts.

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Hi I'm Chris Retro, and as a street photographer and artist myself, I am eternally fascinated by photographers and their art, their modus operandi and passions. 

So, I reached out to several photographers who I admire myself, and asked them to come on my show to discuss the inner workings of their processes. 

But please donate and supoort the hosting costs and production of these podcasts :


With a growing global and loyal audience of fans, it’s really starting to take off. So far, my esteemed guest-list includes :

Ep 01 : John Free 

Ep 02 : Martin Waltz 

Ep 03 : Sally Davies 

Ep 04 : Michael Ernest Sweet 

Ep 05 : Thomas Leuthard 

Ep 06 : John Free Special (coming soon) 

Other guests TBC. 

I edit and produce all the shows myself to make high quality shows for you, my dear listers. 

Please do donate to help support thse podcasts.

Below you can stream, download and subscribe each episode of my podcast for free, and go to each of the feature pages by clicking on the names above or the posts below.


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