Chris Retro is a British street and documentary photographer, based in Berlin.

He has an eye for detail, visual storytelling with a strong narrative and a unique way of seeing the world. 

Chris comes from a very musical background, having been an international DJ and music producer for many years, 
in the now infamous and much revered London clubbing days of the 90's, as well as touring around the world a large events.

This varied and eclectic music style spills over into his photography, and inspires his art, but how?

Whilst walking around interesting cities with his camera, Chris documents life on the streets as it happens, 
one frame at a time, and of course in his own inimitable style.

He captures the various essences depending on time, natural light and geographical situations.

But how would you describe Chris's style? candid, different, interesting and certainly eclectic

Chris is a traveler, and often travels to Russia, where he started his extreme snow 
street photography project entitled ‘Winter is coming’ in severe temperatures with 
snowstorms and blizzards in extreme Russian winters. 

Chris is really passionate about his craft, and hosts a global podcast called the UrbanAwesome Podcast, where he speaks with various luminaries in the photography world about their art, 
passion for photography and more.

He's had guests on including John Free and Thomas Leuthard among others, and now it's gaining a worldwide audience of photography and art fans.

You can subscribe to them HERE

Chris is also passionate about his art, and is taking his ‘Postcards from Berlin’ series of Straßenfotografie images on world tour, exhibiting them at renowned photo fairs and world-class gallery spaces.

Chris is also passionate about inspiring the next generation of photographers, and as such hosts 
WORKSHOPS in-groups and one to one, going in-depth into the art form to help aspiring photographers 
gain invaluable insights into various modus operandi.

As his reputation grows, has been picking up some press lately, with recent interviews and features and podcasts for magazines such as Creative Boom, Widewalls and 
The Inspired Eye among others. 

They talked to him about his passion for the art of street photography, In which he draws inspiration 
from the past, the masters and his deep musical roots. More on that over the press page
As a solo artist, Chris relies on sales of his prints to help sustain his projects, so you can support him by purchasing some of his werks here : 

There are also investment and sponsorship opportunities for Chris projects, for more information on this, please contact us for full details of that.  

Please do add / follow Chris on 500px, Instagram and Twitter etc.
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